Alpine Design was started in 1992. It grew out of a combination of two college classes I was taking while in High School. “Drafting & Design” & “Business Administration”. One of the semester’s projects for my “Business Class” was to look at various markets & industries and to find a “niche market” that a new business could serve.

I was already drawing plans for various contractor friends in high school, so I figured this would be the perfect time to create the Official Alpine Design Company. The “Business Class” was the catalyst that helped provide the focus for my new design services company. Alpine Design was ready to start the business with a DBA, business cards & a business plan in hand.

I couldn’t personally take on every project which crossed my desk, so I hired my first architect when I was 16 and my 3rd architect before I graduated high school. My office was located in Old Town Pasadena for 16 years before I downsized and moved to a home office.

Permit expediting, variances, and alcohol permits are my specialty. I still have an architect on staff as well as “drafting & design” specialists. Our prices are so fair we are hired as subcontractors to complete projects for local architect offices.

MISSION STATEMENT: “To provide reliable expediting services for Home Owners, Business Owners, Contractors & Architects (as well as provide quality drafting & design services when & where needed) to secure approvals from the City & County; Planning, Building & Safety and Health Departments, in a quick & efficient manner.”

Our goal as a company is to provide you with a quality service which you will choose to use over & over again, as well as recommend to all of your neighbors, friends & business partners.

Alan Pinel (Jr.)

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