“I never drink water because of the disgusting things that fish do in it.” ~ W.C. Fields

A full liquor license is needed if you want to operate a bar. It might be difficult to obtain a brand new license, but it’s not impossible. Are you feeling lucky? You can literally win the A.B.C. lottery! Remember, it might be possible to transfer a license from an existing business.

If you own a restaurant, it might be easier to start with a beer & wine license before going for the Big Kahuna, the Full Liquor License! Luckily, I can assist you with either license.

Here are a few of the projects I have consulted with for Alcohol and/or Concept Design:

  • Deodara’s Restaurant – Altadena (Beer & Wine License, Concept Design & Remodel)
  • New Sports Bar & Restaurant – Highland Park (Concept Design)
  • The Rhythm Room – DTLA (Full Liquor License & Concept Design)
  • Rodeo Mexican Grill – Echo Park (Full Liquor License & Concept Design)
  • Amy’s Patio Cafe – Altadena (Beer & Wine License & Concept Design)
  • El Patron – Altadena (Beer & Wine License & Concept Design)
  • Rök House Brewing Company – Upland (Beer & Wine License & Concept Design)
  • Chino Valley Brewery – Ontario (Beer & Wine License & Concept Design)