My Neighborhoods

I love LA! I was born at Kaiser Permanente on Sunset Boulevard in the East Hollywood / Los Feliz Neighborhood.

As an LA native, I see Los Angeles through the eyes of love. I feel blessed that I can enjoy so many cuisines from all over the world just by visiting various neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles. Thai food in Thai Town, Ethiopian Cuisine in Little Ethiopia, and late-night Hong Kong Style comfort food in Alhambra & Monterey Park.

I grew up in the San Gabriel Valley. My dad’s family was located in San Pedro, Long Beach & Culver City. My mother’s family was from the San Fernando Valley. We would travel through many different neighborhoods when visiting family. I noticed there were different flavors to the neighborhoods we traveled through and visited.

My first apartment was in Montebello, followed by El Monte, then Azusa. I was too far from DTLA for a daily commute to City Hall, so I moved back west to Alhambra for 4 years, then Los Feliz for another 4. I signed leases on 2 different places in Pasadena & South Pasadena on the SAME day. I floated between both cities for the next 10 years (and was able to sublease the place I wasn’t staying in). I had a short stint in Long Beach to oversee a project, then back to Pasadena, South Pasadena, and finally settled in Garvanza, Highland Park.

I have moved through so many communities, and I have worked on projects in every neighborhood I lived in, as well as those surrounding cities. I can trace my design lineage through the many projects I have touched. It’s humbling to know that so many families live in the houses, duplexes, triplexes, bungalows, condominiums, ADU’s and apartments I’ve designed from the ground up or remodeled.

I’m now focused on working on the projects in the neighborhoods I love. I hope to work with you on your next project.


Alan Pinel