Planning Department

Many times a clearance from the Planning Department may be needed.

One of our main services is processing the applications & preparing the package for various planning applications, including; Conditional Use Permits, Variances & Plan Approvals.

We specialize in projects located in the City of Los Angeles, the County of Los Angeles, and throughout Southern California.

If you require this type of service, we can definitely assist you through the Planning Application process. Alpine Design can coordinate everything from the Plot Plan, Floor Plan & Elevations to the Radius Map & mailing procedures.

Alan Pinel (Sr.) is the main consultant who handles our Planning Cases. He was a Building inspector for 30 years with the City of Los Angeles. His specialty is the Zoning Code. When he retired from LA City, he joined Alpine Design as our chief Consultant. He is the greatest asset we have on staff.

If you have a zoning code issue that needs solving, I’m very confident we can help find a solution.

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