Life Surge & Pip’s Path to Prosperity

I first attended LIFE SURGE in Los Angeles in January 2023. I was inspired by the fabulous speakers and the many people I met who also attended the event.

I attended Pip’s Path to Prosperity in February 2023 and I’m excited to take the next step in my real estate investing career.

For investors who are looking to add a building permit specialist to their TEAM, I would love to partner with you on your next projects.

I can assist you with legalizing any modifications which were made to the structure or property without building permits. When you find a property being sold “AS-IS” this is usually a signal that there are unpermitted structures or used on the premises.

Currently, there are lots of benefits to adding an extra unit or two with a JADU or ADU. If adding an extra bedroom or bathroom makes financial sense, I can also help with any of these options.

I’ve been lucky to work on many different types of projects. Many of my favorites have become my areas of specialty.